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NEPIDON is a high quality brand of luxury pens, inspired by the art of Oaxaca (Mexico).


Each of our pieces is unique, unrepeatable and handmade. Many hours of work and outstanding skills are tangible in the final result.

 A single piece can take from one day to two weeks depending on the design.


NEPIDON is a new brand inspired by the most ancient writing traditions of the world and the rich cultural heritage that Oaxaca has for its unique design.



We only utilize top materials such as high-quality wood, silver, gold and precious stones. For responsible consumption, each piece is selected under the ethical criteria of Fair Trade.


Ballpoint and fountain pens have a water-based dye to offer very smooth, fluid writing so a uniform and high-performance writing is obtained.

IMPERIAL 27.jpeg

We manufacture writing jewelry.

Each piece is handmade and this is the reason why our models are unique and impossible to reproduce identically.

We present a new approach to Oaxacan crafts working.


Each piece is made with great precision and high-quality materials to obtain an astonishing result.


We are honored to share the art of Oaxaca, as we recognize, support and value the work of Oaxacan artisans, so this work is solely made by Oaxacan hands.

Protecting our planet is our commitment. Therefore, we care not just about responsible production but about our materials, which are selected according to the ethical criteria of fair trade.

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