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La Feuille de descanso” is a fountain pen holder made of filigree in Ag.925 Silver.

Its very detailed design will sublimate your fountain pen.

Just like nature, “La Feuille de descanso” will change color with the seasons…

Its silver will oxidize over time. It can stay like this or it can receive maintenance  so it will always remain shiny.

The artistic objective of this holder is for the leaf to live and breathe like nature.

It always needs to be taken care of so that it always remains beautiful.

The filigree is handmade in Oaxaca. Each model is unique, unrepeatable and has its individual serial number.

This model can be customized with your initials.

La Feuille de descanso

Sales Tax Included |
  • Dimensions : 86mm x 55mm

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