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Rollerball, Ballpoint or Fountain Pen?

When choosing a new writing instrument, find out what's special about each one so you can find the one that best suits your writing.

The results of writing with a Fountain Pen, a Ballpoint Pen or a Rollerball are very different because of the ink and the mechanism.

Option 1 : Fountain pen

Fountain pens are the traditional writing instrument. The wide variety of nibs makes possible to define the thickness of the stroke on the paper.

The experience is smooth, fluid and enjoyable when writing.

The ink flows from the moment the pen touches the paper, guaranteeing a very uniform stroke.

Most of the inks used are water-based.

This writing instrument is perfect for writing beautiful letters, elegant signatures, and various other creations.

Option 2 : Ballpoint pen or ball pen

Ballpoint pens have a ball mechanism.

The mechanism has a small ball at the tip of the pen that when pressed on the paper lets the ink out. The same ball prevents the ink from drying out when the pen is not in use.

The ballpoint pens use an oil-based ink to ensure fluidity when writing, as well as a permanent impression on the paper.

The writing result is a drier, thicker, denser calligraphy.

The intensity of the stroke can vary according to the pressure exerted on it. Writing with a ballpoint pen is very easy given that they are designed for an active lifestyle.

This writing instrument is perfect for taking notes and completing official documents.

Option 3 : Rollerball

The Rollerball is a finer instrument than the ball pen. It is very easy to use.

Its tip is fixed and gives a finer writing experience without exerting much pressure.

Its water-based ink offers a writing experience very similar to a fountain pen. Its finish on paper is dark, saturated and dries quickly.

For this reason, the Rollerball must be protected with a cap.

This writing instrument is perfect for signing, writing letters, and taking notes.

Which one is your favorite?

Leave your comments and tell us about the model you like the most…


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