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The universe of Filigree models...

Nepidon's first collection is made with Filigree.

Filigree is a jewelry technique from Oaxaca that turns fine threads of silver or gold into delicate jewels.

It is a delicate and precise hand process.

The manufacture of a piece can take from a few hours to several days, depending on its complexity.

3 types of designs are handled: los pavos, las calaveras and los chinitos. They are put together and soldered to create a pattern on the jewel.

An admirer of this Oaxacan art, Nepidon had the idea of ​​adapting it to a totally different sector to create… writing jewels!

After months of work and many design tests, we are pleased to present our first collection: Filigrana de Oaxaca.

We have invented a working technique to twist our pieces without causing them any damage.

We only use gold and silver due to their elasticity capabilities.

Our editions are limited due to the considerable time required for each piece to be made. The artist puts his skills to the test to create a one-of-a-kind piece.

Since we manufacture unique, high-quality products, we take care of each stage of the production process, which is why mass production is not part of our objective.

With this collection, we present a new use of this beautiful and magical art of filigree, hoping that it will be to your liking.

We continue to work on innovative ideas that we will announce soon.

Follow us! Many other models are coming up soon!


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